"Horse Gone Silent"









    "The acclaimed novella that is changing the way people

    look at horses and themselves forever."


    Horse Gone Silent is a powerful tale of perseverance and courage. Showjumping horse "Calebo" has lost his way and with evil all around him, he is forced to fight demons that he never knew existed. Join him on his journey as he bares his soul to find the place in life where he truly belongs.

    Inspired by a true story.

  • Praise for Horse Gone Silent

    "The book is intellectual and emotional...Horse Gone Silent is a novel that enables readers to gain insight on the lives of our equine friends and hold them even dearer than we already do."

    ~Cowgirl Magazine, by New York Times best selling author Chris Enss, September 2016

    "Great writing and a powerful message make this book a must read."

    ~Jill E.

    "Brilliant horse story...full of twists and turns..."

    ~Grace S.

    "Bucks County horseman pens story of hope, faith"

    ~Bucks County Herald, November 2016

    " I just loved this book...I could not put it down."

    Amazon.com reader

    "Amazingly touching story that reveals the soul of a horse in incredible detail"

    Amazon.com reader


    Released November 2017

    Sycamore Whispers

    The Sterling family lived a charmed life full of promise just outside the quaint Victorian village of Wycombe, Pennsylvania. Then one very odd day, sweet ten-year-old Emma's daddy comes home acting like someone she has never even met. Within months, the once loving Sterling family falls completely apart, and Emma is at risk of losing her innocence forever. Her only hope is a nasty chestnut mare named Ophelia with a selfish attitude and plenty of baggage of her own. Can their encounter fix one another or will Emma Sterling's wonderful life as she knows it be over forever?


    This is the stand-alone follow-up to the acclaimed Horse Gone Silent, the second in a collection of works aimed at encouraging the hearts of young woman and all those who believe in the hope, power and magic of the horse.





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